The Park

This historic part of South-east London is readily accessible by public transport. A trip down the Thames can be fun! Once here, join in specific events, enjoy the natural surroundings, or take in the many historic features of this famous World Heritage site. We have published a handy guide containing three Park walks which is available, price £1, from the Park Office.

What to See In Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is rich in buildings, monuments, historic sites, gardens and other assets which can add history, art, architecture, music, science, sport, wildlife and good food to a visit to its green spaces.

These points of interest are all shown on the Park map included here. Clicking on names with a red spot beside them brings up a photograph and outline information about each site.


  •   Old Royal Naval Hospital
  •   The Queen's House
  •   Vanbrugh Castle
  •   Royal Observatory
  •   Conduit or Standard House
  •   The Pavilion Tea House
  •   The Bandstand
  •   Macartney House
  •   The Ranger's House
  •   Blackheath Gate Lodge


  •   The Queen's House
  •   National Maritime Museum
  •   Royal Observatory

Art Gallery

  •   The Queen's House


  •   The Bandstand
  •   The Pavilion Tea House

Statues and monuments

  •   Captain Cook statue
  •   King William IV statue
  •   Herb Garden fountain
  •   General Wolfe statue
  •   Knife Edge statue by Henry Moore
  •   Cornish Association plaque

Historic sites and artefacts

  •   Roman remains
  •   Lovers' Walk rustic fountain
  •   The Deer Trough
  •   Queen Elizabeth's Oak
  •   Meridian Line
  •   Anglo-Saxon tumuli
  •   Metropolitan drinking fountain
  •   Old Reservoir
  •   Queen Caroline's Bath
  •   Strologo Public Shelter

Sports facilities, playground, boating

  •   Boating Pond and children's playground
  •   Ranger's Field and tennis courts
  •   Sports Pavilion

Gardens, viewing points

  •   One Tree Hill
  •   General Wolfe statue
  •   The Ranger's House and Rose Garden
  •   The Dell and American Garden
  •   The Flower Garden


  •   The Wildlife Centre
  •   The Wilderness and Deer Park

Food and drink

  •   St Mary's Lodge Cafe 
  •   The Pavilion Tea House

Information, publications

  •   St Mary's Lodge Cafe
  •   Park and police offices, Blackheath Gate

Word pictures

Click the arrow below to listen to 10 minutes of interviews in the park by local resident Martin Brien.