Visitors to the Park enjoy their close encounters with wildlife in many ways,
from watching the squirrels and birds to admiring the deer, and the many species of trees.
The Park has remained an open space for centuries and has become a rich location for
biodiversity, the ancient grazed grassland in the Deer Park, the acid grassland on Crooms Hill and the veteran trees being particularly valuable.

Anyone with an interest in wildlife can join the Friends Wildlife Group.

For an overview of the fauna and flora in Greenwich Park, see the Royal Parks website, royalparks.org.uk/parks/greenwich_park

Birds of Greenwich Park

The Birds of Greenwich Park is a unique photographic and narrative description of the bird life in and over Greenwich Park, covering both the present day and the history going back to the mid 19th century. This book contains many wonderful images contributed by notable wildlife photographers but is also full of expert content, drawing on the work of generations of bird observers.

The author, Joe Beale, a local wildlife enthusiast, has worked closely with park management to improve the ecology in the park for many years.  He is a Fellow of the British Naturalists’ Association and was part of the Natural History Museum’s Identification Trainers for the Future scheme in 2016-17 and later the ecologist running their Wildlife Garden. Joe has contributed to and pulled together years of data in this lavishly illustrated 84 page book.

This book is now available from the Friends of Greenwich Park in a pack to include our Walking Through History booklet, price £8 to include delivery. Please allow 10 working days for delivery.