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La Confusione of Arlecchino & His Mates (Tramshed Progression)

This family-friendly outdoor Commedia dell'Arte show tells a story of mayhem in between masters, their teenage sons and daughters (all deeply in love) and their servants who try to help them, but most of the time end up hindering and causing more confusion.

Ah! There is a Capitano too, perhaps a witch if she is not on another call on the day you come to see the show. This play will obviously end in wine (non-alcoholic since it is a family show after all) and biscuits.

Commedia dell’Arte is an artform where masked and non-masked characters created chaos and havoc telling stories with OTT plotlines. Commedia speaks to the here & now as much as it did in its heydays in Italy a long time ago where it came from.

The Commedia dell’Tramshed Company aims at reinventing this artform with 10 emerging performers chosen from within Progression, our Artist Development Programme.

This show is part of the Progression Summer 2021 season “IT HAS NO BORDERS (THAT IS ART)” celebrating practitioners and disciplines from around the planet and helping decolonize British Theatre.

Performances at 1pm and 3pm.

All events are subject to change in line with updates to government guidance.