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Friends of Greenwich Park

Annual Lecture 2022

We were treated to a different view of Greenwich Park by local historian Jonathan Causer – this time a virtual walk around the park with the emphasis on the people who lived near the park or who used the park.  He spoke about many characters including Ignatius Sancho (a plaque to him is on the Park wall near to Queen Caroline’s bath), Rebecca Schroeter (who lived on the edge of the park and after she was widowed became a close friend of Haydn), and the prostitute, Sarah Prydden usually called Sally Salisbury who, with one of her aristocratic lovers, was found romping naked in the moonlight in the Park!  Who knew?  Altogether a most enjoyable evening.  Jonathan has very kindly sent the Friends a booklist which will be of interest to those who would like to know more about these characters and others:

1)& 2) Letters of the Late Ignatius Sancho, an African, Vols I and II (1782)
3) The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano (1789)
4) The Girl in Rose, Haydn's Last Love, by Peter Hobday (2004)
5) On the Line, the Story of the Greenwich Meridian (2019) by Louise Devoy  --  careful, there is an identically named book by Graham Dolan (2003)
6) Kendall's Longitude, by John Bendall (2019)
7) Goddesses, Guardians and Groves, the Awakening Spirit of the Land, by Jack Gale (1996)  --  hard to obtain and very expensive
8) Augustus Carp Esquire, by Himself, by Sir HH Bashford (1924)
9) The Genuine History of Mrs Sarah Prydden usually Called Sally Salisbury and her Gallants, by Anon. (1723)
10) A Compleat History of the Life Intrigues and Death of that Celebrated Lady of Pleasure Sally Salisbury (ND)
11) Authentic Memoirs of the Life Intrigues and Adventures of Sally Salisbury by Capt. Charles Walker (1723)
12) The Complete Guide to Greenwich Park, by Chris Hawkins (2021)
13) 101 Places in Greenwich That You Shouldn't Miss, by Solange Berchemin and Martin Dunford (2021)

The link for the Blackheath Halls recording of the music of Ingnatius Sancho is