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Bird Ramble in July

Despite the thunder storm that did occur as predicted later in the day – sadly forcing the Bandstand concert to be cancelled in the afternoon – 20 of us managed to avoid the heavy rain with another Bird Ramble at 8:30 am on Sunday morning.  It was very interesting to see how each such walk can be so different, compared to the previous month’s walk at the end of June.  This walk did not feature any Swifts, Starlings, Seagull or Thrush.  It was assumed birds must be able to read the forecast better than humans!  The usual varieties of both Wood and Stock Pigeon greeted us as we set off into the flower garden, alongside the Crows.  A pair of Gold Finch stopped us in our tracks as we tried to identify them before we actually spotted them. 

Encouraging everyone to look up into the trees to spot birds, young Brodie – an extremely knowledgeable and very enthusiastic 10 year old boy – spotted a Moorhen walking ahead of us on the grass, plus an Egyptian Goose stood atop a tree beside the Flower Garden lake.  Magpies were present, as were families of Tits, Robins – including juveniles and a feeding Blackbird family with lovely patterned chests gorging on some berries.  Wrens and the ever present Green Ring-Necked Parakeets also presented themselves, being spotted because of their respective chit chats. 

A special request to visit the lake rewarded us with a Heron poised as still as a statue waiting for breakfast in the Lake, with Pochard and Mrs Moorhen with a juvenile also busy finding breakfast.  On our way to The Observatory Garden, the crows were extremely vocal.  It was Brodie who advised everyone that a collection of crows is called a “Murder” of Crows.  We were hoping to find some busy bird life in the Observatory Garden, but with the rain clouds beginning to descend upon us, we weren’t the only park visitors in a hurry to get home to shelter from the rain.  Next month, on Sunday 29th August at 08:30am, it looks like we will be fortunate to have a knowledgeable Guide lead the next Bird Walk.  And one of these days, I can easily see young Brodie as an expert leader or guide.