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Friends of Greenwich Park

Bird Walk Sunday 27th February -8.30 am

Photograph by Patricia Taylor

The sunny morning said that spring was coming. The group could not go into the Flower Garden because some of the hanging branches which had been damaged by the storm had yet to be secured and the garden was closed.

Julia Holland led the group over towards the Rangers Field where blackcaps were spotted. Some of them will have overwintered in Germany and have now returned.

The large holly bush near the entrance to rose garden gave the odd glimpse of gold crest for the sharp eyed but later adjacent to the Anglo-Saxon burial mounds there were some easier sightings in the two cedar trees. If you can see them swoop into the trees you know where to look and then you can hope to see them as they flit around.

Throughout the walk we were followed by robins and they were singing and showing beautifully for us near the dell.  We saw a couple of magpies near the tennis courts, the odd parakeet -it was fairly quiet for birds. 

We walked along the avenue towards the observatory with a number of crows on the grass and spotted a hole in the tree newly pecked around the outside - one to watch for nesting parakeets? 

We watched more robins and great tits in the woodlands around observatory then walked through observatory gardens/treetop walk, spotting woodpigeons, robins, all very quiet. 

Some people left us at this point, 4 of us continued through the oak trees woodland, we heard a woodpecker drumming in the distance.  We spotted some mixed tits flitting around a couple of trees, then the long tailed tits joined and were very busily pecking at the new buds and moving swiftly through the branches.

We then walked up past the flower garden back to Blackheath Gate seeing jackdaws, moorhens, crows along the way. 

It was a relatively quiet morning for birds.