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Morden Wharf Planning Application



Morden Wharf includes plans for two unprecedently high new skyscrapers and several other private high-rise towers just a mile from the historic Royal Greenwich Park.

You can see above the effect it will have on the beautiful views from Greenwich Park as current plans would result in towers substantially out of proportion with neighbouring buildings. At 130 metres high, the tallest building would be well over three times as tall as the current tallest 13 story building at Enderby Wharf (at 39 metres high).

This development will have an irreversible negative impact on views from Greenwich Park.

We have submitted an objection to this application:

Dear Mr Thornley,

Planning Application 20/1730/O

Morden Wharf.

I represent the Friends of Greenwich Park, and I am writing to object most strongly to the development at Morden Wharf as currently planned. The towers will form a dense block significantly higher than others on the Peninsular. They will radically change the skyline when viewed from Greenwich Park.  While not objecting to development of that site per se, permission should be given only to the extent that the height of the buildings are in keeping with other developments in the area. The tallest building of the application at 36 storeys is almost exactly three times the height of the Enderby Wharf tower (at 13 storeys). Four of the towers are well beyond the height of the development at Telegraph Works.

We ask that the Royal Borough planning committee rejects these proposals in favour of a much reduced design.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Butler

A D Butler

Committee Member of the Friends of Greenwich Park with responsibility for Planning matters


The consultation period expires on Wednesday 12th May 2021.

The planning application number is 20/1730/0.

Follow this link to see the full planning application