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Stag Beetle spotted near the boating lake.

This is the time of year when the stag beetles fly, find a mate and lay their eggs.  The resulting grubs stay below ground for 7 years eating rotting wood. They emerge  as beetles for a few weeks to mate and continue the life cycle. Do not be scared of them. This is a female. The males have large pincers but they are for fighting other males for the attention of a female. They are no danger to us.

If you find them on a path, as here, lift them gently to some out of the way grass. Hold them gently on the body, behind the pincers. Photograph them and send us the photo and tell us where you saw them.

We are lucky in this area since it is one of the best places in the country where they are still to be found.

This female was seen walking on a path near the boating lake at the bottom of the hill in Greenwich Park.

Photograph by Jo Haywood, the Volunteer Officer for The Royal Parks.