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The New Photography Group

The new photography group now has 25 members. We already have a lively presence on-line, both on Flickr and in a Facebook Group. We took advantage of the recent glorious weather to meet for a couple of photography walks in the Park – one early in the morning and one in the evening, overcoming all the anticipated anxieties of new members to the “club”: Am I good enough? Are the others all experts? The answer for everyone is that we welcome photographers of any type and with any level of experience and skill, from those using a smartphone right up to top of the line DSLR kit. All of us enjoyed the company, the chance to learn from the others in the group and the opportunity to pick up on their ideas and inspiration. Quite a few were just glad to have the excuse and chance to get out their cameras and experiment. We’ll plan further Park walks, projects and challenges and maybe even work towards meetings where we can look at our photos and critique composition and technique. However, it’s one step at a time for the moment and it will be the members of the group who decide what we tackle, how often and to what extent. If you’d like to join the group, send an email to Jonathan Chandler. Check us out on Flickr and join us on Facebook